Twenty Three Lights

Once upon a Universe ...

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So, my little  A m é l i e , you don’t have bones of glassYou can take life’s knocksIf you let this chance pass, eventually,  y o u r   h e a r t  will become as dry and brittle as my skeleton. So, go get him, for Pete’s sake!

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Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain (2001), dir. Jean-Pierre Jeunet

She cultivates a taste for small pleasures: dipping her hand into sacks of grain, cracking crème brûlée with a teaspoon, and skimming stones at Saint Martin’s Canal.

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Amelie has a strange feeling of absolute harmony. It’s a perfect moment. A soft light, a scent in the air, the quiet murmur of the city. A surge of love, an urge to help mankind overcomes her.